About African Schools

The CAF African Schools Programme is a Confederation of African Football [CAF] development project that will focus on organised school football. It will create and sustain a continentally competitive school football competition that will encourage young Africans to stay in school and play football. The Programme will also include other support pillars that will increase the social impact of football and build the capacity of participating countries to manage football through training programmes.

Vision: To create a future in football for every boy and girl in Africa.

Mission: To collaborate with African schools and relevant government authorities to organise football related programs across Africa through our Member Associations.

Purpose: To exploit the opportunities within the values of football to holistically develop African boys and girls.

Pillars of the Programme:

  • The Game: African Schools Championship is an organised schools’ football competition that will be contested by schools in Africa annually.
  • Social Impact: The programme will include support projects to use football as a passion focus point to address social issues in the communities around and within the participating schools.
  • Capacity Building: The Programme seeks to work closely with the CAF member Associations in strengthening their capabilities to exercise their mandate in football governance.